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Pre - K



VPK - Miranda Pequeno, Kieri Talada, Flora Talada and Iscel Gomez

VPK Staff



Diane Denton - Teacher

Alysandra Luna - Para

Yeraldin Garcia - Para

Arlene Buchner Whyte - Teacher

Kimberly Clemmons - Para

Elena Madrid- Para

Welcome to VPK! 

Here are some tips & tricks for a smooth transition and school year. We are excited to start a new school year to learn and grow with our new students.

  • Please have your child wear washable, comfortable clothes. 

  • He/she may bring a water bottle & or snack for playground time. 

  • It is recommended for girls to wear shorts under dresses since we do go play outside everyday, as well as sit on the floor. 

  • If your child is sometimes disagreeable in the morning, you could try giving him/her a bath at night and dressing him/her in school clothes, so all that is needed to do in the morning is brush hair, brush teeth, put shoes on.  

  • Try having your child put the backpack in the same place each day, so that it is easy to find.

  • Talk positively to your child about school.  He/she will mirror your attitude about school.  Be positive, interested, & excited.

  • It is recommended that  your child have a regular bedtime and bedtime routine each night, bedtime is a great time to read to your child.  Recommended bedtime is 8:00 p.m.

  • Please say a quick goodbye at home or in the car.  The students will sit on the bench together until 8:00, then VPK paras will walk the students to VPK classrooms. 

  • Students will learn the routine of coming in the classroom, putting away their backpack, going to their seat, and working on the fun morning assignment.  

  • After the morning assignment, the class will go together to the cafeteria for breakfast.

  • Please check your child’s backpack each day after school to see what they have completed and any info for parents. 

  • Our goal is to give each child a strong foundation in language and literacy skills and kindergarten readiness to have a successful start for their school career.

  • We are thrilled to be working together to create a positive, exciting, successful school year for all.  


Upthegrove Elementary

VPK Team