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Student Supply List

VPK Wish List 2024-25

Classroom Supplies Will Be Provided

*We would love these items at Open House* 

  1. Backpack - regular size - big enough to fit 9x12 papers inside (no wheels) 

  2. Water Bottle or thermos or cup with lid (Daily), please label with child’s name

  3. Small Snack Daily (one food, one drink), (practice opening each item at home)

  4. Change of clothes (shirt, shorts or pants, socks, and underwear)* Labeled in a baggie with child’s name.

  5. Roll of Paper Towels

  6. Box of Tissues 

  7. Hand Sanitizers

  8. Choose one of the following:  bag of m&ms, Runts candy, Skittles, gummy bears, etc.

  9. I box each:  Gallon baggies and Quart baggies 

  10. Thin, small blanket or towel, NO mats. 

  11. Baby wipes


We may ask for extra items later in the year.  We will let you know as we need them.  Thank You!